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Where Women Are Revolutionising The Way We Do Business

90% of female founded business make less than 100K. We need to change that statistic.

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At the most accessible price point possible for women in business.

become a rebel!

A new era starts here. We're closing the gender gap in entrepreneurship. Providing the tools, community and support to break the 100K barrier and beyond.


Are you ready to be our next success story?

Business Success- But Make It Simple & Affordable.

Here's what we focus on to make you more money in less time. 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼

Nail Your Marketing to make more $$

You're probably spending way too much time on marketing strategies that don't work.

Implement simplified strategies to grow your audience, nail your messaging, nurture your leads, and make more sales!

Utilise A.I. to save more time!

If there's anyone that needs robots, it's women who wear all the hats.

Learn how to streamline all your processes, saving you time that can be better spent on scaling your empire.

“I cannot believe the amount of knowledge inside of this rebellious space! No matter what I get stuck on with my business, I can typically find resources to help me. And then on top of that the women inside the community don’t make me nervous, this community really make me feel like we are growing together!”


-Amanda, Biz Rebel, Untamed Designs

There's a better way to get the support you need to grow.


The Biz Rebelution is more than a membership, it’s a movement for female empowerment in a man's business world.


Bringing together the resources and connections you need to build a sustainable and aligned business – without the 4-figure price tag.


all for just $97 per month! join now!

Em Gee – founder of The Biz Rebelution – is on a mission to help 1000 women in business by December 2025 to grow and scale their business – while keeping the profit in their pocket!


How? Utilising a highly scalable, highly innovative and deeply human-supported business model that is community-driven, systemised and revolutionary.

become a rebel!

There are so many women in business who are still the ‘world's best-kept secret’ with so much to offer. 


The Biz Rebelution is creating an economy for ALL business owners to succeed.


become a rebel!

By becoming a member of

The Biz Rebelution you get:


Get access to ALL of Em Gee's courses, modules and resources - see video outline below - this alone is worth THOUSANDS.


Join a monthly group coaching call with Em Gee for any business coaching questions you have.


Within our facebook group where Em Gee will answer questions, as well as our experts and community


Get access to a monthly 90-minute Guest Expert Workshop that will level up your business.


One of our member favs, each month we have 2 hours of productive work together. You'll be amazed at what you can achieve!


Your own expert team on hand to help – we’ve got an accountant, copywriter, email marketer, AI specialist, operations and systems expert, PR, Meta ads and Mindset (see our experts below!)


Learn how to use new AI innovations to scale and streamline your business!

become a rebel!

The Rebelution is for women in all industries of business, who want to do better  while being better. YOU have landed here for a reason, gorgeous human.


Effective change takes time and commitment. We're not changing the world overnight, but we can start NOW.

become a rebel!

Here's a glimpse of the epic content inside!

And this is just the tip of the iceberg:



  • Ideal Client Avatar
  • Planning Your Offers
  • Quarterly Planning Workbook
  • Annual Planning Process
  • And more...

Personal Branding

  • Self-Publish a Best Seller
  • Your Brand Voice
  • Professional Paid Speaking
  • Get Clear On Your Bran Identity
  • And More...


  • 3 Step Launch Process
  • Marketing Funnels 101
  • Content Creation
  • SEO Keyword Research
  • Lead Magnet Mastery

Systems & Processes

  • Simplify Your Systems
  • Choosing Platforms & Software
  • AI in Business
  • Create Your Own AI Bot


  • Managing Business Finances
  • Making Finances Fun
  • How to Maximise Profit
  • Budget and Forecast Tracking


  • Eliminate Overwhelm Process
  • Self Hypnosis
  • Manifestation 101
  • Human Design in Business


  • Business Foundations
  • Hiring a VA
  • Your Recruitment Process
  • Deciding Tasks To Outsource


  • Selling Through Webinars
  • Unsuck Your Sales Page
  • Making Selling Easy Masterclass
  • Sales Script - Zoom or DM


  • Project Overview Template
  • Create Your Own Mindmap
  • New Product Launch
  • Quarterly Planning
  • Budget and Forecasting Spreadsheet


  • Business Legals & Templates
  • Your Legal Checklist

See behind the scenes:


Your guest expert team is wild!

These gorgeous, talented women are in the community to answer your questions on their area of expertise. You'd pay THOUSANDS for their knowledge combined... and you get access for $97 per month #thisisnotadrill

Here's a sneak peak:

Sam Bright

Meta Ads Expert

Heidi Anderson

Media / PR Expert

Harmony Jade

Mindset Expert

Dr. Nici Sweaney

A.i In Business Expert

Diana Todd

Accountant / Money Expert

Becc Lee

Email Marketing Expert

Kara Stokes

Brand Messaging Expert

Sireen Assafiri

Operations & Launching Expert

Having the resources and business support that the Biz Rebelution provides has allowed me to grow and reach an audience that I may have never been able to reach, had the cost of the resources and support been too high.

This program gives so much value to its members and assists in forming connections of women that can life each other up and help each other along the way.


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The Biz Rebelution is MORE than "just a coach" it gives me the tools and value I need to make me a better business owner overall.

I've tried coaches and large coaching groups in the past that have been hundreds of dollars per month - but none have been as valuable and impactful as this program.

Em Gee has created a community that makes me feel empowered and supported. I have expanded my marketing knowledge, developed my product launches, improved my time management skills, connected with like-minded women for collaborations and grown my overall sole trader / business knowledge.


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As an engaged member of The Biz Rebelution, I can attest firsthand to the extraordinary value it has given me in a short amount of time.

Not only has it re-inspired me to take more action due to the invaluable community component, but I've implemented more automation and AI strategy than ever before. The flow on impact or time-saving and cost-cutting has been instrumental to my business growth.

I've met more business connections that align with my values of education and connection, but it's also helped me build my brand and purpose as a female business owner. 


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Women In Business Disrupting The Game


Minimum 3 Months

  • Unlimited access to all content while you are a member
  • Monthly Group Coaching
  • Monthly Co-Working
  • Monthly Business Workshops
  • Expert Advice
  • Community Support







Minimum 3 Months

Membership PLUS

A monthly 60min 1:1 with Em Gee

This is THE most affordable way to work with me 1:1 and get my direct and personalised coaching specific to your business needs.


Spots are very limited! (* if this link doesn't work, spots are all gone)





 As the visionary and founder of this movement, I want things to change in the coaching industry just as much as you do.

You may know me as Mrs Unstoppable, as a best selling author, or a pink haired crazy woman... but underneath all that I am a human that highly values:







These are my highest personal values, which is why this mission aligns so deeply, and it's why you've seen my energy transform as this movement has come to life.

That same energy is what I want to elicit in the women joining this movement, as we disrupt and change the way small business is supported - together.

Let's make this movement happen, gorgeous human!


become a rebel!

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become a rebel!